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Testimonial from Michele

❤ Editor's Pick from "The Beauty Book Collectors Edition 5", published November 2016, more info

"I have always had problems with products due to my sensitive skin. Reactions such as rashes and acne were a regular. However, Pure Shade’s Moisturising Brightening Sunscreen not only moisturises my skin, it added a dewy healthy finish to my skin. Being a makeup artist myself it was also very important for me to see the effects it had on my everyday makeup look. My skin was smooth soft and hydrated while my makeup showed no signs of flaking. I would highly recommend this everyone, especially for people like myself with sensitive skin."


"I have been using Pure Shade for a couple of months now and am very happy with it. I like the way it really deeply moisturises dry skin. It helps to lighten dark shaded areas on the face. It makes a lovely base for foundation, it goes over it really well. Skin looks hydrated and has an anti aging effect. Because it's got a slight shine it makes your skin look younger. Absolutely love the packaging. Happily recommend for all ages but especially older people with dry, ageing skin."

"...the silky texture was very soothing and moisturizing. For someone with dry skin, this definitely served as an effective 2-in-1 product!"

Denny age 26

"Pure Shade is beautiful. As soon as you apply it against your skin you know that that this sunscreen is special. It is luxurious and smooth as silk with just a hint of a light scent. Pure Shade is the little black dress of all sunscreens. Simple, elegant and effective. It is so rejuvenating for my skin that I wish it was around many years ago when I could wear that little black dress."

Liza age 60

"Trying Pure Shade Sunscreen for the first time really impressed me - finally a beautiful quality suncreen that works and does good things to my skin too. A smooth application needing just a small amount, not greasy at all - it felt luxurious, moisturising and protecting all at the same time. I love how its made with NZ products and means I can have the confidence of full sun protection while also nourishing and keeping my skin beautiful."

Jennifer age 38

I really liked the fluid texture of the SPF and subtle scent. It wasn’t thick and greasy like some sunscreens but was well absorbed and light. It also gives skin a lovely healthy glow appearance. I used it on my children’s faces (aged 5 and 8) and they both applied themselves with ease and liked how it felt on their skin. My husband hates wearing sunscreen due to the sticky, thick texture and overpowering scent of many on the market but he was pleasantly surprised applied it with ease. Unlike some sunscreens, it leaves no residue on your hands and no need to wash hands after applying. You don’t feel like you have sunscreen on it all. A lovely product that is comfortable to wear and performs well in NZ’s harsh sun. Perfect to protect the whole family.

Emma McDonald age 40 something

"I was given a sample of this the other week. It is pure sunscreen with a brightening and moisturising effect. I wore it all weekend whilst in the garden and it was amazing. Have to say in terms of feel on the skin it's up there with my La Mer. After years of itchy thick gluggy greasy organic sunscreen so nice to have one that is like a quality moisturiser"

"For someone who appreciates a low maintenance beauty regime, Pure Shade is a dream come true. In one easy step I know with confidence that my face is both protected from the sun's harsh rays and rejuvenated by the moisturising properties. I have pale skin that's prone to burn, so sun protection is super important to me. I have struggled with other off the shelf sunscreens, as they're often too heavy, are sticky on the skin and make my eyes sting. Pure Shade doesn't feel like sunscreen at all. Yay! And as I get older, and my skin drier, knowing that the same product moisturisers and nourishes is great news. Here's to healthy, glowing skin."

Deb age 40 something

Loving Pure Shade by NZ Sunscreen! Having pale skin means a high SPF sunscreen is a must. When I wear Pure Shade I don't even realise I'm using sunblock, it's feels so light and nourishing. Thank you NZ Sunscreen, Pure Shade is genius!

Choosing the right makeup products is super important and even more important is looking after your skin with our NZ sun. I love summer and being in the sun so I always make sure I have the best sunscreen on my face. I always have people asking me about my skin routine and for suggestions for good sunscreen as pretty much all of them are super thick and greasy which don't work well with makeup. Well, let me introduce you to my sunscreen of choice: Pure Shade by NZ Sunscreen. I find it to be the Rolls Royce of sunscreens with not only a 50+ SPF protection but also an extremely light and yummy subtle fragrance. This sunscreen is made in NZ with NZ ingredients and is packed with Manuka honey and vitamins so you don't need to use any moisturisers before or after it.